Wings Kitchen

Wings Kitchen

23 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

Wings Kitchen Storefront

Wings Kitchen is a very small restaurant and is really not much to speak of upon entering.  There are about seven Formica tables and everything in the restaurant is the same dull manila color.  However, there were delicious smells coming from the noisy kitchen in the back.  So, with great anticipation, we placed our orders and waited.

While we were waiting for our food, we were served the ubiquitous house soup. As you know, I can usually bypass the complimentary soup but here I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a thick, rich and chicken-y egg drop soup with corn and tofu.  It tasted a little sweet so that it was almost like a dessert but also had a savoriness that was very pleasing.  I would love to have this soup if I were getting over a cold.

Wings Kitchen - Soup

The first dish that came out was the Beef Chow Fun Dry.  This was an excellent stir fried noodle dish.  Not that exciting or different, but it had a great smoky flavor.  I have just recently learned that the smoky flavor in dishes cooked in a wok has a special name: Wok Hai (or Hei).  Wok Hei literally translates as the “breath of the wok” and describes the smoky, charred flavor that certain dishes develop when cooked in a wok over high heat.  This dish had exquisite “Wok Hai” and chow fun (large wide flat rice noodles) just happen to be my favorite kind of noodle.

Wings - Kitchen - Beef Chow Fun

The next dish that came out was the Dry-Sauteed Green Beans.  These were very good, crisp but tender with charred bits that gave the beans extra flavor.  The beans are in a light brown sauce, which had pieces of pork in it.

Wings Kitchen - String Beans

The final dish to come out was the most interesting (and something I have never tried before): Rice Casserole with Salted Fish, Chinese Sausage and Bacon.  So I missed the photo op.  Initially when it was served it had quite a beautiful presentation.  Our waiter was (very sweetly) concerned that we hadn’t ordered this before and proceeded to serve us (hence me missing my photo opportunity). The dish came out in a clay pot.  It consisted of white rice very fragrant with scallions and bacon and Chinese sausage and a filet of the salted fish on top. Our waiter removed the topping and put in on a plate and then served us each a bowl, asking if we had it before and telling us it was a traditional dish. The rice was delicious – this dish is almost like a Chinese paella—fragrant  seasoned rice with delicious goodies cooked with it.  The filet of salted fish was very stinky and so pungent!  I was truly quite shocked when I took my first bite of it!  Truth be told, I did not take a second bite, but I do think the inclusion of the fish, added to the overall flavor of the dish.

Wings Kitchen - Rice Casserole

Wings Kitchen Rice Casserole topping

Wings Kitchen is a wonderful, and very traditional, restaurant.  We had an excellent, filling meal at a truly reasonable price.  But what really puts Wings over the top in my estimation, is the friendly attentiveness of the staff.

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  • I ate all the rest of the salted fish…in small doses with the rice…That rice dish was great.
    Also the decor also consisted of a large number of roasted duck and duck skins on the center table as people came in and filled up their orders to go and left. It is a definite experience….delicious delicious experience