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Penang Outside

The outside and the inside of Penang are quite adorable, utilizing bamboo as much as possible, for everything from the awning outside the restaurant down to the chairs inside, which gives the venue a warm and exotic feeling.

Penang Interior

For an appetizer we ordered the Roti Canai which is one of their most popular choices. It consists of a paper-thin crispy crepe that is served with a small dish of chicken and potato curry for dipping.  I have tried on several occasions to replicate the flavor of this curry but have only achieved it once.  I even wrote down what I did and still have not been able to do it again.  This is a favorite of everyone who comes here and it is easy to see why because it is quite delicious.

Penang - Roti Canai

OK, so the Divas have been to Penang on a couple of different occasions and while we have enjoyed our meals, we were never quite as blown away as we felt we SHOULD be.  Truth be told, I went on a blind date here many years ago with someone who had lived in Malaysia (so he knew what he was ordering) and I have to say that it was an incredible meal.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember what we had! So this time, to take matters into my own hands, I did a little studying before arriving at the restaurant and ordering.

Can I first just say that I made a horrible mistake when ordering?

Penang - Chicken Fried Rice

Unfortunately a lot of Malaysian dishes sound the same…so I basically ended up ordering….Chicken Fried Rice. Yup.  It was good.  Nothing special.  And I am embarrassed by that.  Anyway, Penang makes great chicken fried rice, ONWARD.

The vegetable curry — is really delicious, and it made the very blasé fried rice something delightful.  It was a savory curry that was not too spicy with a varied assortment of vegetables: cabbage, eggplant, red onion and green beans.  As green curries go, it was perhaps one of my favorites — it was not overly spicy like some of the green curries I have gotten in Thai restaurants.

Green Vegetable Curry

So the Divas are at an impasse. I think Penang deserves another chance; my counterpart disagrees and thinks we should make room for a new different restaurant.  What do you think?  Any Malaysian food fans out there?  What would you suggest?

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  • We are not even batting 500 when we go to Penang. We do so much better *everywhere* else.
    The Roti Canai was great and if we were to go back, that would be what I say we order…several dishes of that.