Peach Farm Seafood Restaurant

Peach Farm Seafood Restaurant

4 Tyler St, Boston 02111

Peach Farm Seafood Restaurant, like Café de Lulu, is a basement hidden gem.  As their name might suggest, seafood is what they are known for and when you go down into the restaurant you are greeted with several large tanks containing fish, lobsters, eels, and giant crabs. Also like Café de Lulu, the interior is a bit dismal but be not afraid, there is excellent seafood to be had here!


Peach Farm Seafood Restaurant

Last year, the Divas decided to go to Peach Farm to try their famous Lobster Sautéed with Ginger and Scallions as our pre-Christmas splurge.  This year we decided to go back and splurge on fresh seafood but instead tried the Sliced Spicy Dry Fried Salted Boneless Eel. In addition to this we ordered Peking Ravioli and Stir Fried Pea Pod Stems (since we have finally gone off our spinach kick and wanted to mix things up with a new green vegetable).

We were the first seated customers at the restaurant and service was slow initially, waiters were even just arriving and buttoning up their vests. Once several more customers arrived, service picked up and we have no complaints on that score.

The first dish that arrived was the Peking Ravioli and it was delicious. Hot and crispy and served with a dipping sauce that was delightful, I believe it had a little hot oil in it to give it a kick.  The Peking Ravioli here was far and away better than the pork and leek dumplings we got at the Dumpling Café.

Peking Ravioli

The next dish that came out was the Fried Eel and I really wanted this dish to be a show-stopper.  However, while it was very good, it was not fantastic (especially considering the price – $30 for a plate of eels!).

Fried Eels

One very positive remark I can make about the eel is that it was very fresh (and anyone who has had un-fresh eel knows how gross that can be).  It was not over-cooked but it was fried in a batter that was mediocre, nothing special and certainly not crispy enough. The eel was served over a bed of crispy lettuce with a delicious garnish of red hot pepper flakes and mild jalapenos. Truly, the garnish made this dish; I was even mixing it with my white rice and enjoying that thoroughly.

The best part of the meal was the Sautéed Pea Pod Stems.  This is a vegetable that I have never had before and I was quite surprised at the price -$16.95! For just a plate of greens? I imagine it is because of season or rarity, but as I was quite determined to try them, we went ahead and ordered them anyway.  And I am so glad we did.  I love spinach but these pea pod stems had something extra.  They were cooked perfectly and seasoned (but not overly so) with salt and garlic. There were crispy stems and juicy leaves and I have decided that this is an amazing vegetable that I will continue to seek out in my culinary adventures.

Sauteed Pea pod Stems

All in all we had a wonderful pre-Christmas lunch here, but if you choose to go to Peach Farm Seafood Restaurant yourself, I have a few suggestions to make.  First of all, be sure to order the Sautéed Pea Pod Stems, you can’t go wrong with that.  And if you want to splurge on seafood here, go for the Lobster Sautéed with Ginger and Scallions and not the Fried Eels.

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