New Jumbo Seafood

5 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

Here we are, the Divas are in their fourth and final week of seeking out healthy options in Chinatown.  For this week’s offering we decided to go to New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant because we thought fish would be a tasty way of eating light.

New Jumbo Seafood Storefront

The first thing you notice outside of the New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is the JUMBO sign, when you go down tiny Hudson Street near the Chinatown gate, you can’t miss it.  Upon entering the restaurant you are greeting with a wall of tanks containing shrimps, lobster, and many kinds of fish.

New Jumbo Seafood Fish Tanks

Pouring over the menu, we see that there are so many kinds of seafood dishes and we are already deciding that we must return to try them all. Ultimately, we settle upon the Sizzling Fish Fillet and since we are uncertain how healthy that dish might be we play it very safe with two vegetable dishes: Stir Fried Watercress and Baby Bok Choy with Garlic.

I love Bok Choy, I will order it and even make it at home quite frequently.  I must say that the Bok Choy with Garlic was some of the best I have had.  The vegetables were heavily infused with the garlic flavor while being not too soft nor too underdone.

New Jumbo Seafood Bok Choy


The Sizzling Fish Fillet was brought out on a hot metal plate and it lived up to it’s name and not only sizzled but smoked as well.  To be perfectly honest, this dish may not have been the most health conscious option but I am beyond caring because it was so good.  The dish consists of lightly fried fish fillets with onions and peppers in a sauce that is savory with a little sweetness.  The fish is incredibly fresh and melts in your mouth – it is similar in texture to the Szechuan Fish at Taiwan Café.

New Jumbo Seafood Sizzling Fish

The Stir Fried Watercress came out last.  Watercress is another one of my favorite vegetables (especially in Shabu-Shabu or Hot Pot) and I’ll admit that I like the fact that it is so good for you (there are claims that it even prevents cancer and boosts immunity).  The Watercress was prepared quite simply, stir fired with salt and a little garlic perhaps (but not much). Perfection!

New Jumbo Seafood Watercress

New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant was a great experience and I look forward to coming back to try some other things.  In particular, we saw an impressive lobster dish at another table and there is also Seafood with XO Sauce on the menu which will definitely need to be tried.

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  • That bok choy was great…but it was the leftover fish I brought the husband that had him cursing that he does not work closer to us. He was very jealous of that meal, and frankly, reading it again, I am jealous of us. That was a really good place to eat.

    • You definitely should try it! It is very good for you and really delicious. It is super easy to throw into a soup and there is also a couscous salad I make with almonds and watercress that is very yummy and very versatile.