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3 Beach St #2, Boston, MA 02111

Can I begin this post by saying that I LOVE being proven wrong?  Let me elaborate.  When the Divas decided that we were going to take on a month of healthy eating we discussed various options and we decided that we WOULD try one of the vegan restaurants, which is something we have never done before.  But, as each week rolled around we asked each other, “Should we try the vegan place this week?”  And the answer was always, “I’m not really feeling it.”  Well, we finally felt like we could put it off no longer and went this week…

And boy, were we sorry we put it off so long!  This place is amazing.  First of all, the space is lovely.  You head up a cigarette smoke filled dingy hallway only to emerge in an open, airy space full of plants and fairy lights.

Storefront - My Thai Cafe

They have a great selection of lunch specials (all priced at $7.95 which includes an entrée with rice, soup and a spring roll or dumpling,) so this is a venue that would be ideal to take that vegetarian co-worker on a lunch break if you work in downtown Boston.  Since my counterpart is on a less restrictive diet than I am she opted for the Yellow Curry Specialty lunch special with the spring roll.  I opted for the Temple soup followed by the Penang Curry (both of these dishes you can have with vegan “meat” either chicken or beef but we both opted for just vegetables.)

My Thai Cafe - Menu

The soup that came with the lunch special was good; it was almost an Asian version of minestrone.  The Temple Soup that I ordered was interesting although unfortunately not completely Whole30 compliant.  It consisted of a rich coconut broth with sweet potatoes and peanuts in it. (I navigated around the peanuts, which are not allowed on the Whole30.)  It was a little overly sweet, but adding a decent amount of hot sauce fixed that.

Temple Soup - My Thai Cafe

When our entrees came out we each received a gorgeous plate of vegetables swimming in a curry sauce with rice.

Curry - My Thai Cafe

This was some of the best curry I have ever tasted.  The sauce was rich and flavorful—I ordered one of the spicier curries, but despite that, I did not find the heat of the dish too overwhelming.  The vegetables in the dish were cooked to perfection, especially the broccoli.  It was cooked so that there was a little browning on the edges but still had a crisp bite. The sauce was rich and savory, I literally put my chopsticks down and scooped up the sauce with a spoon.

Empty Plate - My Thai Cafe

My counterpart also found her Yellow Specialty Curry delightful but only took one bite from the spring roll as it was not very good and not worth the calories.

egg roll - My Thai Cafe

So, my friends, even if you are not vegan or vegetarian even, you must try the food here—they do a fantastic job and the lunch specials are a bargain.  Next time I would like to try a noodle dish, or the vegan “chicken.”

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