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Today the Divas went to China King.  In the past I have been to China King for their excellent multi-course Peking Duck meal (which I hope to review here on the blog soon) but I had never been here for a normal lunch.  We ordered Pan-Fried Wontons, Rice Cake with Vegetables and Hot and Spicy Lamb.

Overall, our meal was good, however the names of dishes in the menu were a series of misnomers.  The Pan-Fried Wontons were not “pan-fried” at all but rather “deep-fried” which was unexpected.  This was a delicious surprise however since they were crispy and not at all greasy and the filling tasted homemade.  The sauce they were served with was a bit banal.

"Pan-Fried" Wontons
“Pan-Fried” Wontons

The Rice cake with Vegetables also had a misleading name because by “with Vegetables” it meant with pork and lettuce.  The glutinous rice cake that was sliced into medallions was cooked perfectly although the sauce for the dish tasted mostly of wine and was improved by adding a splash of the vinegar that was in a bottle on our table.

Rice Cake with Vegetables
Rice Cake with Vegetables

To continue the day’s theme, the Hot and Spicy Lamb was in fact, probably beef.  And it was also not very spicy and only hinted at that strong cumin flavor that I love in many Chinese lamb dishes.  Despite these disappointments, it was very tasty and included crispy carrots, celery and bamboo shoots.

Hot and Spicy Lamb
Hot and Spicy Lamb

Everything we ate today was a bit of a surprise, or at least not what we expected to get when we ordered it.  However, it was a great meal and we overheard the owner talking to some of the regular customers about how some of her staff was on vacation currently and the restaurant was understaffed.   We will be back, at the very least, to have the Peking Duck dinner.

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  • It was good, just not as a friend would say, the A-team. Pretty sure the owner was being the chef, and the normal busboy was the waitress… which explains why we had to ask for hot tea and while the other table got it immediately.