About the Divas

The Dumpling Divas are two professional ladies who work in downtown Boston.  We are foodies who enjoy all kinds of cuisine, and we both will probably try just about anything once.  Taking advantage of the fact that we work just a hop, skip and a jump from Chinatown, we go on a weekly lunch date to try a new restaurant there.  We love all kinds of Asian cuisine but (as our name would suggest), our favorite is DUMPLINGS!

With this Blog we are offering advice and reviews on restaurants in Boston’s Chinatown.  We hope that by relating our experiences, readers will be encouraged to try new foods, visit restaurants they may have overlooked, and inspire them to experience all of the delicacies that Chinatown has to offer.

If there is a dish or restaurant that you are curious about but are not ready to try, please contact us using the form below….we will happily take requests!